Why "Free Your Meaning" Though?

Because the word 'purpose' is just too powerful...at least for now.

Three years ago, I took on a teaching opportunity in a preschool. My first year there included a lovely spacious classroom with wild two year-olds. I loved it. Their innocent faces, learning to speak and express themselves. Every day was different. Then, a year later I expressed to my supervisor how, with my qualifications, I could teach older students. I got a promotion that year and took on a brand new classroom. A couple months after, news arose that our director had planned on moving and would be resigning. Which meant, the position was up for grabs. I thought long and hard about applying for the position. Taking on a new role, being in charge of the teachers, children and parents. It scared the shit out of me - if you know me, you will know I despise confrontation. It intimidates me!

I decided to apply! And you know what, out of many qualified and experienced applicants, my supervisor chose me - the inexperienced one. She said to me, "I went with my heart and chose you". It was the greatest feeling. It has been about 1.5 years since I have been the Assistant Director and have been growing ever since.

What is the point of me sharing this story? Well, you see, throughout my time working at this preschool, I was able to learn so much about myself. I was able to challenge myself in ways I never new possible. I learned from my peers, picked up on their experience and grew a pair! Until this day, confrontation is still very much intimidating to me, but I have learned to conquer it.

--> Here comes something I have never shared with anyone, but my husband...I strongly believe that I was MEANT to grow in this company and prove to myself that I am made for more! And that is exactly what I plan on doing - GROWING. I will learn as much as I can on how to run things because I guarantee you this...one day I will have my own business. I want to show you all that! Mainly because YOU CAN DO ANYTHING I CAN DO - maybe even better. ;)

When I created my account to begin this blog journey, it surprisingly took me roughly 3.5 seconds to figure out a title for my site. You know when those unexpected ideas come in your head and the light bulb goes on? Yeah, that's how it felt. It just came to me. How did I come up with it? Through inspiration really. Although, what I would like to share with you is exactly WHAT "Free Your Meaning" stands for and represents.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Because I don't! I understand that my purpose is to live a prosperous life and live it to the fullest. On the other hand, I do not know what I am to do with this graceful life of mine. One day, I am telling myself to drop everything and travel, questioning whether that is my purpose. Then, I call myself crazy and remind myself that I have a life here with my husband, daughter and work - oh, how work takes up so much time. Other days, I feel my purpose is to help others. Motivate and inspire others through my experiences and intake on life. It's all so confusing in my head and can get very frustrating. However, when I lay in bed each night I remind myself that all of the statements I mentioned above is everything I want to do, yet may not be my purpose. And you know what? I've accepted that, because my purpose does not determine who I am. Living for your 'purpose' sounds a bit too strong, if you ask me. My meaning in life though, that is a different story.

With that being said, right now, in this moment, I am determined to free my meaning by sharing, experimenting and expressing what can help you aspire to do more, be more and live more. How you can simply live a perfectly imperfect life. Just as I have in sharing my journey on how I am excelling in the preschool business.

Many of us struggle and focus too much on what exactly our purpose is. Quit killing yourself! It's OKAY not to know what your purpose in life is. It's OKAY to live your life day by day and it's OKAY if you don't have a plan. What is NOT okay, is bottling up what you're MEANT to do with your life. Holding back. Retaining your gifts, because you believe they are not perfect enough. Well, newsflash NOTHING is perfect. Think about it, what gives your life meaning? Who is it that means the world to you? Write it down and ask yourself - 'How can I utilize those who mean so much to me, when living this prosperous life I am meant to live?'

Here is how: Simply by "Freeing Your Meaning". Tell those who mean the world to you, that you love them every day. Use them as your inspiration and motivation to keep thriving. Continue to grow and explore your work life. Take pride in what you do, even if it is temporary. Learn. Read. Write. Explore. Do whatever it is that gives your life meaning!

Live imperfectly and FREE YOUR DAMN MEANING!

Much love,

Your girl Angie


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