What's Inside your Head?

Are you living the life you've always imagined, or is your head in the way?

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."
- Lyndon B. Johnson

We as humans get caught up in our thoughts all the time - some more than others. Although, it is lovely to ponder life and question our surroundings, the problem is most of our thoughts are usually negative. We are constantly questioning our self-worth, whether we're doing enough, whether we ARE enough or our typical thoughts, being that our bills are being paid late, we're all ready to resign, or how your son just threw up all over your laptop while trying to pay your bills and typing up your resignation letter.

WAIT! Lets read that again...

We as humans get caught up in our thoughts all the time - some more than others. Although, it is lovely to ponder life and question our surroundings, the best part is most of our thoughts are usually positive. We are constantly thinking of our strengths, our beauty and how we ARE enough. Our typical thoughts include how much we appreciate our job that helps pay the bills and that wonderful friend who let you borrow their laptop, because your son fell sick and accidentally threw up on yours.

Did you see the difference between the two paragraphs? Which one stuck to you more?

It's sad to hear that, 80% of our thoughts are negative, and 98% are repetitive. Why? Why do we let our negative thoughts over power such wonder, and beauty in our atmosphere. I'll tell you why...we fill our minds with fear, hate and envy rather than LOVE.

Listen well people, if we continue to let our negative thoughts empower our positive ones, we will never open our eyes to the beauty of this imperfect life we live. Our world is full of disaster, but you know what, our world is ALSO full of laughter, love and gratitude. And you don't have to go far in search of it, it's right in front of you.

Here is the part where I start talking about the Law of Attraction, and how positive thinking will make you happy, but that won't be enough for you to grasp. I feel a story, an experience, something REAL would help you open those big lovely eyes of yours!

With that being said, let me tell you about Graiben.

This young man you see in this photo, yes, the one smiling, was found wondering the streets of Puerto Cabezas. His mom's whereabouts were unknown and his father deceased. His grandmother had been taking care of him, while at the same time physically abusing him. After being stopped and questioned by the church on why he was walking down a dark road alone, he had no response. Eventually, he was taken in by the Verbo orphanage in which cared and nurtured hundreds of other children such as himself. Graiben had lost absolutely everything, a mother, a father and a place to call his home. But you know what he gained? He gained, hundreds of brothers and sisters and plenty of caregivers that makes THAT big smile of his light up an entire room. He is surrounded by praise, love and gratitude in which he continuously spreads to others. How can someone who was hurt so bad, continue on and share his heart with his brothers and sisters and let alone me - a stranger? I am sure his mind is filled with all sorts of things, but what matters most, is what he LISTENS to and what part of his mind he CHOOSES to share.

These children live a rough life, and by the time they graduate and leave the orphanage, they are either in prison or dead. So, before you go filling your head with negative thoughts and how bad you THINK you have it, think about Graiben. Think about his life. Think about Nicaragua and how they are doing right now. Change your perspective and be thankful. Show gratitude. Live the imperfect life you're set out to live. Free your meaning and stop hiding that beautiful glowing smile behind your nasty thoughts. You and only YOU can control your mind, and only YOU can make YOU happy. It's all in your HEAD.

Change What's Inside your Head - Change your mindset.

One GREAT way to help you stick to the Positive Side

  • Each morning think of just three things that you are thankful for.

  • Now envision your three things vanishing.

  • How did that make me feel?

  • Think about it, and remind yourself to cherish those exact three things, because nothing last forever.

*Instill your head with love, grace and graditude and share it with the world.

Soon you'll hear all about how I received everything I wished for in only two years, simply by:


- Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

Your girl,



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