Precious Moments Parents​ Fail to Mention

Updated: Mar 8

Everyone warns you about the horrific moments, the stress and sleepless nights, and how drinking cold coffee will forever be of you, which is all very true. However, I am here to recount the precious moments. All the moments that should be shared more often rather than kept barred in our hearts.

Gabs, Maya and Mama

I was in the kitchen washing dishes, while my toddler Gabriella was beside me trying to be of assistance. My infant Maya was lying in the living room playing on her play mat. I spaced out for a second, to be interrupted with Gabriella yelling Maya's name! Hands dripping wet, I sprinted to the living room to only find my toddler making Maya laugh with silly faces and noises. Maya's face was lit up. My heart melted, and I sank to the floor, relieved and completely drawn to this precious moment, soaking it all in.

Gabriella couldn't be trusted around Maya, and she still isn't. It has taken time for her to adjust to the big sister life, and when she finally grew to adore her baby sister, she became her protector. The days I drop Gabriella off at daycare, she allows no one to touch Maya, let alone near her. And when she is picked up, she jumps in excitement not only to see me but leaps up to get a good visual of her baby sister. It makes my heart sing, observing every little thing she does for her sister. Especially when I too don't want anyone near Maya. I don't have to be put in that predicament of asking others to keep away. I've got Gabriella for that.

Gabriella hasn't just become a great big sister, but she has also become mommy's little helper. I pull out the vacuum, and she runs to her playroom and pulls out her toy vacuum. When I wipe the counters down, she immediately tugs at my legs, asking for her cloth to help me. I do the dishes, and she climbs on the dishwasher, attempting to assist me.

These precious moments that I have mentioned above are nothing compared to the list I have barred in my heart. I tend to focus too much on how frustrating the girls make me feel that I overlook how beautiful motherhood is.

With that being said, here is a list of special moments that will leave you in awe and will hopefully remind you why you decided to give birth in the first place.

When you first find out:

Whether you planned or didn't plan for a baby, really embrace the moment you read your answer. You were chosen to become a mother. Your baby chose you. The universe said, this woman right here, will be the best mother for this child. This path was meant for you. Cry, scream, get angry, let out what you feel at that very moment, because you have been invited to motherhood, and it is wonderful.

The first flutters:

Did you feel that, Matthew? My hands were on my belly as I felt flutters moving around in my stomach. My husband, Matthew, walked towards me meeting my hands. The baby moved again, and Matthew jumped back with his eyes wide open. His eyes met mine, and we both smiled.

You will never get those flutters back. It will get uncomfortable at some point, but again they will never return after pregnancy. Embrace the flutters, because that is your baby saying hello mommy, I am doing so great in here, thank you for taking such good care of me.


Natural, medicated, or c-section, it does not matter how your baby made their debut, your baby is HERE! They are breathing and are ready to be loved by you. Look at what you created. Feel your baby's wet, soft body. Hear their heartbeat. Those eyes, hands, and feet are yours, my friend. They will be yours forever. Until your baby grows into their own life and will flurry away from you and back to you numerous times. So, embrace that moment and let it never be forgotten. Record it, if you must.

Baby's first blowout:

You will be disgusted. You will probably get some on you, and it won't be the first time. Just laugh. It's all you can do because it is uncontrollable.

When Gabriella was about three months old, she enjoyed letting them rip every single time I went to Target. It never failed. The first time though, oh gosh, that was intense. As I roamed the dollar section, I inhaled something funky, yet didn't think anything of it. Gabriella woke up from her nap mid-shopping. I parked my cart next to the bathroom and grabbed Gabriella, along with my diaper bag. As I placed her on the diaper changing table, I felt something warm and moist. Awww shit! I lifted her backside to notice the yellow stain that went up to her back. I was so embarrassed because, for starters, the changing table was located right at the entrance of the bathroom. And then, I ran out of wipes! But that's not all. When I used the last wipe, I searched around the bathroom to find nothing. No paper towels to be found anywhere. They had those hand dryer things. My cheeks were flushed at this point, and I was furious. What was I supposed to do, grab my naked baby, and wash her under the sink? I don't know how many hands have been in that sink! I had to improvise. I ended up using the clean side of her shirt, wet it, and wiped her clean. Said goodbye to the shirt and walked out the door.

I texted my girlfriends, and they surely got a good laugh out of it. I was glad I got to make someone laugh that day. By the time I told my husband the story, I had chuckled and assured myself always to pack extra wipes. Even though I still don't.

Sitting up, to crawling, to walking, to climbing:

Oh, how I regret rushing my firstborn to accomplish these steps. I remember wishing she could sit up. After, I'd wish she could crawl. Then, I wished she could walk. Finally, I did NOT wish she could climb. The lesson I learned in this whole wishing thing is NOT to do it. Do not rush your baby into anything.

Each child grows at their own pace, and when Gabriella reached these milestones, I was ecstatic. I was a proud mother. Yes, she did start climbing things, and 'til this day, she still climbs our furniture. It's what children do. They are exploring. So, I simply correct her even if she does it over and over again. My girl is wild, but she'll pass the climbing phase, let's just hope it's before she busts her ass.

In the end, appreciate your child's milestones and relish every single moment. You will miss the times you could protect them against the world by carrying them and cuddling them every second of the day.

The attitude, tantrums and big hugs:

Us mamas know it's difficult raising a child, feeding the family and working. We are well aware of these things. Nevertheless, you must know, we are also mindful of what our little ones need, whether it be food, a nap, or a warm hug. Usually, 99% of the time, the annoying tantrums and meltdowns, result in a cuddle session. And that right there is my favorite part. A hug can fix almost everything. Unfortunately, you still have to get through the tantrum first.

A family addition:

I am sure by now you know I am a mother of a toddler and an infant. The only way I survived the first few weeks, our family addition was living it day by day. I zombied my way through it. It was the best I could do. I killed it, though. It was the hardest experience I have gone through yet. Still, my girls are as precious as ever, and I couldn't be any more proud of myself for overcoming it. And that right there is the most important part - overcoming it! The precious moment when you find your children getting along and loving each other.

Having dogs:

Confession! I have a love-hate relationship with my dogs. It sounds awful. And this was all after I became a mother. Dealing with dogs and kids are a pain in the ass. It's a lot of work, particularly when both of the dogs decide to have a pissing competition on your daughter's new rug! Yes, that happened. Goodbye, rug.

However, they are marvelous to have around my girls, they play together, cuddle together. Hopefully, as they grow together, they will begin to take care of each other. Often I sneak over to check on Gabriella playing to find her leaning down kissing on the dogs. It is so heartwarming. Gabriella not only loves our pups, but she also loves ALL pups. The girl is scared of no dog, big or small.

A strict bedtime:

Now, how can a strict bedtime be a precious moment? Well, for starters, it is something I have been currently working with for a month, and let me tell you this, it's hard as shit, but so WORTH IT. I mean, how precious is it kissing your daughter goodnight as you gently place her in her crib and tip-toe out of her room, thinking she would scream bloody murder, but instead stays quietly in her crib? It took dedication and consistency to help make this happen. The wails and screams went through her room walls and her baby monitor. It tore my heart in two. For mama to get some self-care time and quality time with dad, a strict bedtime had to happen.

To mothers who rather co-sleep, that's okay too. Waking up in the middle of the night looking down at your sleeping baby is so precious.


Everything in life, whether it be parenting, working out, changing routine, will FOREVER be challenging. Still, in the middle of it all, it will get better. And towards the end, you accomplished it and that right there is the PRECIOUS MOMENT you will NEVER forget. With that, focus on your precious moments and move passed the horrific things you experience or hear from others. Parenting can be adventurous, thrilling, and lots of fun.

Your girl,

- Angie

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