How to Master Imperfection

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Imperfection: living in reality and revealing your true self. -Angie Abregu


Today, right now, you will OWN up to your inner self. You will make it a habit to remind yourself that almost every day, you will encounter an imperfect moment, and you will either, get over it or learn from it! We as humans are meant to continue to learn from our flaws day by day and grow to be the best version of ourselves possible. That is what us go-getters, daredevils, strong minded and determined young women and men envision our life to become – A BETTER SELF.

One of the best ways to begin your journey to becoming a version of yourself, that you are truly infatuated with, is simply by OWNING up to your IMPERFECTIONS.

Ironically, my blog is all about imperfection, yet I have the tendency to try and be a perfectionist myself. My anxiety, my stress and my work environment, gets the best of me and that is just not fair. I wind up dragging myself around like a zombie, rather than embracing each moment I have with my family, friends and most of all my beautiful baby girl. It is best to remind ourselves that tomorrow is not promised, and to focus primarily on what brings us joy and happiness, while dealing with our blemishes.

W E A R E N O T P E R F E C T! Together, we will get over our inner-perfectionist. Why? Because, no one can relate to a perfectionist, nor do they want a relationship with one.

It's time we become our own masters to our imperfections.

A bad day with a woman like myself, usually includes a schedule such as: wake up, feed the baby, get dressed, grab coffee, head to work, spend 9 hours dealing with madness, head back home, nag at husband about how disorganized the house is, organize the house, spend time with baby, take a shower and finally, go to bed. Does that sound monotonous or what? Me on bad days builds my inner ego up, releasing that 'everything has to be perfect' mentality.

On the other hand, me on a good day is a GREAT DAY. I wake up rejuvenated and ready to start my morning with a 20-minute workout, followed by gazing into my daughter's eyes while feeding her. Next, I get dress, slap some foundation on and a bit of mascara, grab my coffee and head out the door.

The car ride to work is the most powerful segue in which leads to a good day. During this time is when my mornings lift me up. I indulge in motivational podcasts that bring me to life. (I can’t emphasize this enough, podcasts are a great attribute when setting your mindset straight. We have to manifest the time we currently have and not waste it! I encourage you to download the “Podcast” application from your iTunes store right now!) I finally arrive to work and challenge myself to complete at least 5 items on my task list before it is time to go. Often, I accomplish at least 3 to 5, and call it day. The drive back home usually consists of a mix of podcasts and music. I mean who can live without music?! I know I can’t.

Here is the final and most crucial moment to ensure that you end your day right – how you greet those you come home to! When you walk through your door do not, I repeat DO NOT focus on what is wrong in your house. Rather, focus on your dog who sprints to you, tail wagging from how excited he is to see you. Focus on your children who missed you all day. Focus on your husband/wife and greet them with arms wide open. That right there is key to ending your day strong. With that, you can now picture how my good day ends in between dinner, getting a good read in and finally, cuddling my hubby, baby girl and pups in our cozy bed.

A side from a good and bad day, I too infest my mind with failure, and the struggle of mastering my imperfections, especially when it comes to my daughter.

Gabriella was due to receive her first shots at her 12-week appointment. Being that I am a first-time mom, I was petrified at the thought of watching the nurses stick three needles in my baby girl’s legs. She had no idea what was coming. The nurse prepared us by counting to three aloud, "1, 2, 3 stick." she whispered. Gabriella froze in shock for a second, followed by a yelping cry - that lower lip plumbed out kind of cry. It was so heartbreaking, yet cute at the same time. However, to our surprise, she took it like a champ. Yeah, she cried for a bit, but only before Matthew scooped her up and bounced her up and down. I also made sure to have a bottle ready.

To say the least, our pocket full of sunshine did so good, up until later that day, when her mommy made a huge mistake by attempting to cut her nails for the first time.

You can only imagine what I am about to tell you next. Yes, I did it. Rather than snipping her nail, I got a chunk of her poor tiny middle finger! Oh my gosh, did she scream. It was worse than the shots. I felt terrible. She cried. I cried. Matthew scolded me. Which made me cry even more. In my head, I believed I failed as a mother in that very moment. What the hell was I thinking to cut her nails, amid changing her diaper and even worse, after she had just been pricked with a bunch of needles? I have no idea! Ugh! Just sharing this with you makes me quench.

Roughly thirty minutes had gone by, to where we all finally calmed down. Matthew reassured me that it was okay, along with my other mom friends. Hearing that soothed me, yet I still felt horrible. In the end, I had to master my imperfection by simply learning not to cut my daughters nails on the damn diaper changing table. With the help of my mom friends and their advice on how the first key of being a mother is - 'Learn to forgive yourself, rather than dwell on what already is done.' I forgave myself, in hopes of never cutting her skin again - which, just yesterday I conquered my fears and cut her nails. It was a success.

Advice to mothers and fathers to-be: it is best to cut your child's nails while they are sleeping.

Now, let me quickly tell you about my imperfect, ambitious, lovable, and wholehearted husband of mine.

Matthew is the best father I ever imagined him to be. He surprises me every day. Even on the days it is his turn to dress Gabriella. For those mothers out there, who are very particular when dressing their child, you and I both know their clothes must be clean, presentable and of course, adorable. (There goes that inner-perfectionist in me.)

There were at least three occasions where I go to greet our precious little one, to find that either her shirt or pants are put on backwards. LOL! (He's going to kill me for sharing this, but this is what I mean.) Fathers are not perfect either! They are MEANT to do the best they possibly can. So long as our daughter is breathing, I will continue to praise my husband for such a wonderful job he is doing. Even if our daughter has her fashionable flower-printed sweatshirt on backwards, and the ruffles on her pants facing the front, rather than the back! (I still love you babe.)

I hope this helps you diminish your perfect demon in you! We all mess up sometimes, and that's OKAY. Just know and grasp, that you too can master imperfection and recognize the reality of life. Embrace your imperfect life, learn from your choices or better yet, learn from other people's choices and live to be the best you can possibly be - day by day!

Take it easy friends.

Your girl,

- Angie


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