How Motherhood Changed My ​Plans

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Life is never meant to be planned out - a lesson I am still getting to understand!

I had a set plan, a good plan. However, with time, my plan began to change. I began to change.

After Gabriella was born, I was thrilled, ecstatic even, to get back to work. I missed my staff, the students, and greeting families as they came in every morning. Overall, I think I missed the adult interaction. Being at home with an infant was so precious, but I needed to get out there and conquer the little work world that consumed me.

Gabriella at 2 weeks old, visiting school.

Rather than taking the two extra weeks of maternity leave I was granted, I decided it was time to go back. I told myself, "I'm ready. Baby is ready. Let’s do this!"

My first day back was very productive, at least work-wise. As for my tiny crying infant, I could faintly hear through my office walls...yeah, not so much. I called my husband crying, begging him to come to pick her up ASAP. Never would I have imagined something so fragile, make me feel so attached and emotional. I couldn’t take it! Of course, my husband sensed my pain and arrived in no less than 30 minutes. It was a tough first day at work as a new mom.

After several weeks, the days got better. Gabriella stopped crying. Come to find out, she finds joy in attending school, socializing with her friends and adores her teachers, whom we are so grateful for. Might I add, she has grown to be the school's mascot with her bright personality and adorable wave!

As the months passed, quite fast might I add, the days got longer. I missed my baby girl! Working as a Director at a Preschool will undoubtedly steal all your energy and leave you with minimal left for your family. I slowly began to feel burnt out. Was my plan to move up in the Preschool world drifting away? As much as I was proud of where my career was headed, I felt a tough decision was soon to come.

Despite my thoughts, I planned to keep pushing. And then something happened, which secretly pushed me in the direction my heart was taking me...I got pregnant again! Yup that happened! That very moment, my passion for my occupation sadly decreased, and my focus shifted primarily towards my time with my children.

Gender Reveal - Baby Number Two Announcement

“My family is growing, and they need me," I admitted to myself. With that, I began to ponder and strategize as to how and what I will do next. Stay working 45-50hrs a week, or get out there and try something new? I had no clue. All I did know was that I am fully capable of pivoting and doing something different.

And it hit me...Matthew!

Driving with Matthew.

La Escuelita DIP.

Whatttttt?! Me, a driving instructor? The idea never struck me. I laughed at myself and questioned it. With time, it dawned on me. I could do so much MORE with this opportunity. I can be home with my babies often. I could blog and share more of my stories with you all. I could even explore other options such as substitute teaching! It will open up doors for me. Becoming the entrepreneur I've always wanted to become, motivated me. It wasn’t even funny anymore. The challenge was up for grabs, and I was determined!

I immediately began the process, and took my ass back to school, informed my boss what my plan was and voila! Here I am, ready to conquer motherhood, work-life and the beginning of entrepreneurship all in one, because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

How the hell did I get here?! Well, for starters, I worked 45+ hrs a week, went to night school twice a week, lost time with my little one while still getting the gist of motherhood, oh and cooking up baby number two, because I knew it was temporary. I wanted everything to be set by the time our second daughter was born; even it meant sacrificing sleep now and then.

THREE MONTHS LATER...I received my certificates, said goodbye to my career, and turned the page.

Gabriella helping at La Escuelita Dip

My Team

It's about damn time I get out of corporate America and start working on OUR empire, rather than someone else's.

What is your excuse!? If you are so MISERABLE where you currently are at in your career, then why haven't you done something about it yet? I did not just share this story to flaunt my accomplishments. I am merely stating the obvious...


So let me ask you again...what is your excuse? Yeah sure, I’ve got a Private Driving School that has open-heartedly taken me in, but this obstacle will be no walk in the park. However, this opportunity might lead me towards the direction I wish to go, which to be honest, I don’t have a clue as to where this next chapter will take me! It won’t be easy leaving behind an occupation I knew everything about and entering an entirely new work field blindly. It will be very new to me, this whole entrepreneur lifestyle. However, I accept the challenge to step out of my comfort zone.

How about you?

You will hear more from me. I have plenty to share, as for this next chapter in my life has just begun!

Stay tuned.

Your girl,



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