Comparison vs. Reality

Isn’t it about time we keep our EYES on our OWN paper?!

How is life going for you? It is now April 2019, are you any closer to your goals than you expected to be? Or are you constantly struggling? Did you quit that horrible job you keep complaining about? Did you finally ask the love of your life to marry you? Or are you not ready? Are you struggling to find balance in life as a new mom or dad? Is your primary focus to make it to the top and invest in something big? Are you enjoying the single life?

Whatever it is you are working towards, dwelling on, or waiting for, you are going to wind up NOWHERE by COMPARING where you are in life, as to where your friends, followers or coworkers are in theirs!

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” - Tim Hiller

⬆️ Ain’t that the truth though?! Where you are right now has nothing to do with where everyone else is. ACCEPT the fact that you are MEANT to be where you are at this moment in YOUR life. It is exactly where you SHOULD be.


I will admit it...I too am a victim of comparison. I scroll through my Instagram feed wishing I had a more fit body, or my toes were in the sand, or just simply having beautiful natural skin. But I don’t, and once I step out of that evil mindset, I reread a powerful quote:

"Comparison is the thief of joy." - Theodore Roosevelt

Late nights roaming social media gets me in a funk at times. I often find myself angry, down or even envious, and that is a feeling I do not want overpowering me. This is embarrassing to even express, but I can't be the only one, right? So, I shake my head and remind myself to STOP COMPARING. It is absolutely my FAULT that I am MAKING myself feel this way. Which is why I share with you today that COMPARISON WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU! It will eat you alive if you allow it but, only IF YOU ALLOW IT.

If you truly want to be happy, you need to take a giant step into REALITY and focus on what is TRULY important. The lives of others, or your sanity? The universe is not out to get you. Understand that. Your time will come. Don’t you dare RUSH it. What is shared on Instagram are just snapshots of that one moment in THEIR life. You have no idea what else goes on behind the scenes. Just double tap the photo, smile and keep scrolling. Be happy for others, for you either were once in their position or you will be soon enough.

Also, get this...ALL THINGS ARE TEMPORARY! There will be times it will be you standing in front of that bright orange-red sunset with your toes in the sand, and other days it will be you sitting at your work desk scrolling through your feed clicking 'like' on the couple posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. It's all temporary, and it is up to you to simply be content and grateful to be living the life you are CURRENTLY living.

Boho Stardust

Lastly, be real with your imperfect self! No one wants to be friends with a fake or a wannabe. Our world needs YOU. Your unique, beautiful human self. We were not born copies for a reason, people! And by comparing and desiring the life of others, you will easily grant yourself uncertainty and will sabotage your life, and it will be all YOUR FAULT. But if you feel genuinely happy for others and know in your heart that your moment will come, then it will surely come to you - all in due time my friend.

A L L I N D U E T I M E!

Your girl,



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