A Grown Up Christmas List

Christmas Cookies and 10 items on a grown up Christmas list.

Christmas Presents

It's that time of year again. Everyone is out finishing up their Holiday shopping, buying presents for his or her families and friends, rushing through the crowd and getting in that bumper to bumper traffic. But wait, what happened to the Christmas jolly? The joy? The love? The TIME? Why is that us humans have this WANT for gifts?

Let me tell you something. I don't remember last year's gifts or the year before. I hardly remember what my gifts were when I was younger, apart from the Easy-Bake Oven every 5 years old wanted back in the 90s. However, you know what I do remember? My parent's home cooked meals and those delicious pastales, arroz con gandule, pernir, mac salad, and all that jazz! I remember the smell, which is super hard to explain, especially if you've never had a typical Puerto Rican Christmas dish. (Just know, it's good shit.) I remember being cuddled up on our basement couch, with lit fresh balsam tree scented candles watching "The Grinch that Stole Christmas". I remember singing silly songs, staying up until midnight to open presents and watching the facial expressions of our family members. The gifts itself though, I don't recall every present I've opened, in my 27 years of living.

Christmas Cookies

Overall, gifts are simply extra sprinkles on top of Christmas cookies. You have the sugar cookie, which resembles the family gathered together. Then the icing, which stands for the laughter, joy, and love shared between each other. And finally, the sprinkles! They resemble the gifts that are passed around and the facial expressions shown on each and everyone's face. You know when you get your ice cream cake and your face lights up? You can't help, but to open your eyes wide, drop your mouth and smile bright. Christmas is like that. A fresh, straight from the oven, covered in icing and sprinkles, COOKIES!

Now, let's talk about those sprinkles! Everyone has a Christmas List. With that, below you will find 10 top things you can find on a Grown Up Christmas List.

  1. A 2019 Journal - for your goals of course. There is no better way to write down your goals and start fresh, than asking for a 2019 planner. Use it wisely, constantly and don't you dare FORGET about it!

  2. TIME - something you can grant YOURSELF, simply by making it happen. Show up for your family. Leave work at work. Forget about your messy house. DROP YOUR PHONES. Everything else can wait. Take advantage of this special holiday and spread a little cheer.

  3. Scented candles. Nothing beats a candle that helps you relax, feel at home and lights up your world. You can always count on Bath and Body Works - they have the best sales and the best candles. (If you haven't done so, try their eucalyptus candles, it is the most relaxing and stress relieving.)

  4. A gift certificate to a nail salon. What woman, no wait, what MOM wouldn't appreciate some time at the nail salon getting pampered? (For men, they may not appreciate this, but you would be surprised how many men actually go to the nail Solon.)

  5. Motivational books. I say motivational because sometimes we need a good read to start our year right.

  6. Coffee mugs and coffee flasks. You drink coffee every single day, sometimes twice a day, at least drink it with class!

  7. A wine opener - well because we are constantly breaking the ones we use from the number of times we open our wine bottles! Am I right or am I right?

  8. A prosperous New Year and one simple wish: To be healthy, thriving and happy.

  9. Can't forget about chapstick. With this cold weather, our lips could sure use some protection.

  10. And finally, when in doubt, you can never have enough SOCKS!

Socks for Christmas

As we get older, I can't help but notice our lists get smaller, which means we wind up choosing the cookies with less sprinkles. You know what makes cookies special though? Sometimes sprinkles aren't necessary. They are JUST as good with or without sprinkles. And that is what makes Christmas so unique.

Gifts or no gifts, what matters most is the time spent together.




Christmas is ULTIMATELY about


shared amongst each other.



Your girl,



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